Past Activities

Past Activities

December 09
LMBA Calendar

Photos captured by our volunteer photographer Andre L in the Dougas Junior 09 were used in the LMBA Calender 2010. All the 100 calenders were sold out with $200 donated towards the Indonesian Earthquake Relief Fund.

November 09
Company Challenge Cup

For the first time a team event only for corporations was held in Greater Vancouver. The preliminary rounds were held in Richmond-Pro on October 24th and the final was on November 14th in Aberdeen Centre

August 09
Summer Camp

This year we allow parents to accompany their kids in the camp. The camp, held from August 17 to 21, was attended by young players with enthusiasm.

May 09
RichmondPro Recreational Tournament

Hand-in-hand with Richmond Pro Badminton Centre, our first recreational tournament is held from May 2-5 for non-competitive players. There are only 110 entries, yet the tournament receives favourable comments, which comfirms the need for such level of tournament in future.

College/University Nationals 09

We help Badminton BC to run the tournament from May 15-16 at RichmondPro to make sure that the teams from Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver Island, and BC all had a happy time during the two days.

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