Director of Volunteers
Franz Wong

Volunteer Reward Program
A joint venture with Badminton BC


The sport of badminton needs not only players, but coaches, officials, sponsors and volunteers as well. The roles of volunteers vary from coaches in schools or community centres to line judges, assistants and starters in tournaments. They form an important part in competitive badminton but in Greater Vancouver their numbers are far from adequate.

On the other hand, there are always some serious players who want to know more about this sport or recreational players who are interested to contribute their time to serve as volunteer coaches or officials for this sport. Those aggressive ones may have already joined the courses to obtain the training required but the majority may need more time and exposure to determine their area of interest and to build up more confidence to take up such duties.


This program is set up to introduce interested persons to various kinds of volunteer work in badminton, with the final goal to make them trained as qualified volunteers for this sport.

The actual program

To join this program, one should be at least fully 14 years of age.

Admission into the program is by application through email or by post. Once accepted, the applicant will be a registered volunteer given chances to serve as line-judges, score keepers and/or tournament assistants after introduction training.

A service record for each individual volunteer will be kept. After servicing 100 hours, the volunteer will be awarded a certificate of appreciation plus eligibility to be sponsored to attend a course run by Badminton BC either for coach or official training. On completion of the course and the practicum required, the volunteer will then obtain the qualification to be a registered coach or umpire to service for the sport of badminton. In addition to the above, there are areas which may require volunteers for the development of this sport. One aspect is the idea of volunteer reporters for badminton activities and details will be drawn up when it is time ripe for implementation.

Application is free. However, applicants should be a member of Badminton BC to receive the rewarding course They will be provided a uniform with their names on to facilitate them to discharge their duties and they may receive $10 each day to cover their travelling expenses. They have to work closely with the Volunteer Co-ordinator to accept and discharge their duties.

A Joint Venture

Badminton BC is the financial supporter and comptroller of the program, with LMBA responsible for its overall and routine operation. A log sheet for service done by volunteers in each event will be forwarded to BBC and a yearly report will be compiled by LMBA to give an account of the progress for the year past plus any suggestion for future.

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