Director of Programmes
Francis Ng

Junior ‘B’ Tournaments

These tournaments are designed to provide an appropriate environment for junior players to build up their competition skill to join in provincial or national level tournaments. Age categories start from U10 to U12, U14, U16, U19 and U23. An open event is sometimes included to provide a chance for parents or coaches involved to get some exercise or pair up with their juniors in doubles. We are currently directly running the Douglas Junior B, and assisting in running other B tournaments such as ClearTwo and Richmond Pro as well. We are happy to share any experience as well as facilities with any organization interested to run a junior tournament in their own area.

To get the related information such as tournament forms, schedule, and results, please clickHERE.

Summer Camps

Summer camps in the form of three hours continuous training in the evening from Monday to Friday for five days in a row are held in summer, usually in the last few weeks in August to provide ‘back to school’ training for those who desire to equip themselves better for the coming season.

Volunteer Training Program

A year-round volunteer training will be provided to those who want to know more about the sport of badminton. After serving as line-judges or tournament assistants for 100 hours volunteers will be sponsored to training courses either for coaches or court officials so as to widen their knowledge in this life-long sport. For details, please refer to the volunteer section.

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